Making Member Benefits Exceptional!

Peritus Affinity Partners provides proven, strategic member benefit programs that don’t simply strengthen your association’s member engagement, but also drive non-dues revenue to enhance your association’s competitive advantage.   Increase your value proposition with our network of world class partner programs that deliver the products and services your members truly desire, without the stress, time or resources of going it alone. 

Member benefits are a priority to us because they are a priority to you.


Peritus actively seeks and evaluates top-tier companies with large scale, national delivery experience and capability as partners. We negotiate preferential discounts and foster relationships, so you can focus on what’s most important for your association.
Peritus streamlines program implementation with pre-approved discount programs to get your association up and running in no time. We customize and automate your association-specific eMember Benefits enrollment page with all the information your members need.
We customize and design your launch strategy and coordinate your marketing plan every quarter. You are in full control of the content and timing, without the extra work and hassle of creating the materials yourself.
Peritus manages your programs and provides continued support and outstanding customer service for your members.
Peritus analyzes your association’s data to provide revenue growth and member savings reports to better track and measure the success of your programs.


"Peritus Affinity Partners are providing a remarkable service by enabling smaller companies to secure a level playing field in purchasing all that is essential to their growth. We have tested it, relied upon it and are now sharing it. In an economy where there are so many false starts and over-promises, it is outstanding to deal with a totally professional company that under-promises and over-delivers."
Chuck Ashman, CEO, Business Matchmaking
"The auto purchasing program has been a blessing for us, saving many on our team substantially. It is exactly what they advertise, discounts with no hassles. We will purchase through the system repeatedly."
Susan Wakabayashi, President, Catalyst Placement, LLC
"The shipping program we received as a member benefit saved us several thousand dollars in the first 6 months of enrolling. The signup process is quick and simple and the customer support is superb.  Our sister company transitioned their existing program and cut their shipping costs nearly in half.  We're now incorporating several other Peritus programs into our business."
Neil Kleinberg, CEO, Diliver, LLC


  • Consult
    A complimentary consultation will assess your association's unique needs and areas of opportunity.
  • Partners
    Select from our vetted partner programs that will benefit your members most.
  • Design
    Our team customizes and automates your association-specific eMember Benefits enrollment page.
  • Marketing
    Completely control content, access and marketing, with a dedicated marketing consultant.
  • Growth
    Track revenue and membership growth with analytics and continued support.