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Peritus Affinity Partners is a Washington, DC area based company that provides turnkey member benefit programs to trade and professional associations and other organizations.   We are experts at bringing groups together with valuable affinity benefit programs to help attract and retain members or clients, strengthen engagement and give organizations a competitive edge. 

Peritus is well established in the affinity benefits market and has long standing, profitable business relationships with numerous top organizations.  Our continuously expanding network includes over 1.5 million companies with more than 31 million employees.  We actively market our portfolio of products and services through their various associations and groups.

World Class Partners and Programs 

Peritus evaluates and selects only top tier companies with large scale national delivery experience and capability as partners.  Through our eMember Benefits system, our partners guarantee exclusive discounts and added benefits to member companies of the associations and groups in the Peritus affinity program.

At the core of the Peritus solution is our eMember Benefits platform, a powerful, dynamic, web-based engagement tool that allows member-based organizations and companies to illustrate their value to and share information on benefits with their audience. Our proprietary system, tailored for each individual group, completely automates back-end administration for management of member benefit programs, while providing you with complete control over content, access, and marketing.

How Do We Gauge Success?

We are experts at bringing associations and groups together with valuable affinity benefit programs that help attract and retain members or clients, strengthen engagement and give associations or groups a competitive edge.  At Peritus, our mission is only accomplished when companies in the SMB market truly feel the positive impact of our programs on their operations and on their bottom line. 

Simply, we offer time tested solutions that help associations and organizations attract and retain members.